A company born out of passion for popcorn .. . The promoter of the company have decades of experience about popcorn maize and flavours. This extensive experience and motto of “Quality first” has made us carve out a niche place for Popcorn poppers in the market.

We at popcorn poppers have a conviction towards quality and taste. We believe that a good popcorn is not only depending on flavours or maize alone but a careful combination of both gets the best out of a popcorn.

We consistently are working towards breaking the myth of “Popcorns are made for cinema only”, in terms of health and taste, popcorns are the best snack one can have in present times. We are one of the pioneers in this field working hard to bring popcorn out of the image of “Cinema only or low profile vendor” Stuff. We are trying to give popcorn its place, which is well deserved in packaged snack segment.

Our years of experience and state of the art machines, enables us to deliver the best popcorn. Better package designs adds to the appeal of the product and make it tempting for consumers to buy and they find it hard to stop at just one !!

Our caramel and Strawberry popcorns are quite famous amongst not only children but also adults. We keep on researching and innovating new flavours, we want to become a popcorn brand known for its taste and quality and we are working hard towards it.